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Maximize RewardsEvery ChainEvery TokenETH StakingRestaking
Maximise RewardsEvery ChainEvery TokenETH StakingRestaking

We've got plans!

  1. Q1 2024

    Phase 1

    Mid Jan
    1. Website and Docs Launch.
    2. Cross-chain ETH staking and restaking - Testnet.

    Phase 2

    Late Jan
    1. Cross-chain ETH staking and restaking - Mainnet.
    2. StakeEase Points and Referrals.
  2. Q2 2024

    Phase 3

    Mid April
    1. Integration with more (re)staking protocols.

    Phase 4

    Early July
    1. Cross-chain (re)staking from non-EVM networks.
    2. (Re)staking for more EVM networks.

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